Frequently Asked Questions

What does AVAILABLE mean?

"AVAILABLE" means available for immediate occupancy. If you look at a place, like it, and have the money for the rent and deposit (plus $60 for fees), we can typically have a lease signed the same day. This process is made to be quick and easy for you. We do not split up the deposit, it has to be paid at the lease signing.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit for all properties is the same amount as 1 month's rent in most cases.

How much do I need to move in?

Typically we require a full first month's rent plus deposit plus $60 in fees (Key, Rental, Application Fee). If you're wanting to lease a property after the 1st week of the month or before the last week of the month, we typically will prorate the first month's rent due.

I don't want to move until next week, can I hold a property?

For those who are not looking to move immediately and those still saving up, we can hold a property for $150 for 1 week. When "ON HOLD" the property is available to you and only you! This hold goes towards the deposit and the rent as long as the lease is completed within 7 days.

I don't want to move until next month, can I hold a property?

If you want us to look for a place for you in the next few months, fill out an application online and tell us what you're looking for along with when you want to move and you'll be at the top of the list when something becomes available. Also, keep checking our website to see what's available, we keep it up to date daily. When you're 1 week away from being able to put all of your money together and lease the property, call us!

Do you allow pets?

Yes, for a fee. $35 for the 1st pet and $10 for each additional pet. Violent breeds of dogs need to be insured.

When is rent due?

Our lease calls for rent being due on the 1st and late after 5pm on the 3rd.

What is the lease term?

Our leases are typically month to month and we ask for a 60 day notice prior to moving.

Can I pay half of my deposit, move in and pay the other half next month?

We need the full prorated month's rent, full deposit and $60 in fees in order to have the lease signed.

Is there an application fee?

Yes but it's only due at the lease signing if you're approved.

What else do I need to move in?

You need to have the 1st month's rent, deposit plus $60 in fees, valid picture id's and completed applications to sign the lease. We give you the key after the water is put into your name. Our office is very close to the Zanesville Water Department.

Where is your office located?

We are working remotely at the moment.

Other Useful Information:

-We prorate rent if you're not moving in on the 1st of the month. Example... Signing $600/mo lease mid month = full deposit and half the month's rent due, $600 + $300 (plus $60 for fees).

-There is a $25 application fee, $25 leasing fee plus a $10 key fee ($60 total) upon move in.

-All adults must be present at the lease signing and have valid, state issued picture ID's and fill out applications. There is no extra fee for multiple applications.

-Full rent and deposit are due upon sign in. We're not able to turn the key over until this is received. No exceptions.

-Water must be turned on in the tenant's name before we're able to give the customer a key.

-Currently we are not accepting Section 8.

-We look forward to answering any questions and setting up a viewing time for you. Thanks!

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